Halloween Decor 2021: The Ultimate Guide

The spooky season is coming, which means it’s time to get started on your Halloween decorating ideas! Whether you want a frightening spread of decorations or a more friendly appearance to welcome trick-or-treaters, you can easily create the look you want this Halloween. This guide includes tips on transitioning your fall decor to Halloween, how to choose a Halloween theme, and a variety of indoor and outdoor Halloween decorating ideas. Check out this simple guide on Halloween decor in 2021 to get started on your holiday transformation.

How To Transition From Fall Decor To Halloween Decor

Halloween Decor - transition from fall to Halloween

Transitioning from fall decor to Halloween decor is surprisingly easy. You can keep most of your harvest decorations on display and simply add some Halloween touches to your space. No matter what your decorating style is, incorporating some themed Halloween accents throughout your space can help transform it into a festive spread for the holiday.

How To Start Decorating For Halloween

When it comes to Halloween decor, you can truly start decorating whenever you want. However, the best time to start decorating for Halloween is typically late September into early October. This is the sweet spot because it allows you to gradually add more Halloween decorations as the holiday gets closer. You can even swap out some harvest decorations into the month of October to make room for a more established Halloween theme.

If you’re not sure where to being with your Halloween decor spread, check out the ideas below for how to transition from fall decor to Halloween decor.

  • Keep your fall pumpkins displayed but add some more Halloween centric pumpkins. This can include darker colored pumpkins, along with carved pumpkins.
  • Bring in darker colors. Fall decor typically features warm and welcoming colors like orange and gold; however, Halloween is darker. Incorporate more black and purple to get the Halloween transformation.
  • Add some Halloween character decorations. Whether you want a spooky look or a friendly one, characters can help you achieve the look you want.
  • Use Halloween themed throw pillows, doormats, wall art, hand towels, and more for a bold transition.
  • Decorate with more lighted decor and string lights to amplify the magical Halloween feeling.
  • Create Halloween themed displays on your mantel, entryway table, coffee table, and kitchen island to establish the holiday.

Halloween Decor 2021: Choosing A Decorating Theme

Halloween Decor - choosing a Halloween decor theme

When decorating for Halloween, choosing a theme is a great way to make your home look unique and make the holiday feel even more fun and special. If you aren’t sure where to start, ask yourself the following questions when deciding on your Halloween decor theme:

  1. What type of feeling do you want to give off? This is an important factor of your Halloween theme. Decide if you want to give off a scary and frightening feeling, a fun and cheerful feeling, or a more neutral feeling.
  2. How much space do you have to decorate? Your Halloween theme can easily be determined by the amount of space you have to work with. For instance, if you have a smaller space to decorate, you might want to choose a more general or subtle theme.
  3. Do you have kids in the house? If you have kids, they might be afraid of spooky decorations. Take this into consideration and choose a friendly theme instead.
  4. How long do you want to keep the decorations up? Make sure to choose a theme that you won’t get sick of, especially if you’re planning on leaving the decor up for a long time.
  5. Do you want to use the theme throughout your entire house? Decide if you want to use multiple themes to fill each room, or a different theme to decorate your front porch.

Types Of Halloween Decor Themes

Halloween Trick-or-Treaters
Walking/Talking Halloween Ghosts

There are so many different types of Halloween decor themes to choose from. No matter what type of environment you want to create, you can easily find the perfect theme for your home. Whether you want to go all out with the theme throughout your home, or just create a subtle and simple look, check out these Halloween decor theme ideas:

  • Spooky: The spooky Halloween decor theme is a great go-to for anyone who loves a good scare. This scary Halloween decor theme can include a variety of frightening Halloween creatures, animated and motion-activated decorations, flickering lighted decor, and other dark accents.
  • Friendly: A friendly Halloween theme is great if you have kids in your home or if you want a more lighthearted look. For a friendly appearance, bring in some more cheerful Halloween creatures, general pumpkin decor, and candy themed accents.
  • Gothic: If you’re looking for a dark and unique look, the gothic Halloween decor theme is a great option. This features dark lace, skulls, roses, and other dark elements.
  • Traditional/Harvest: For an even more subtle Halloween look, consider going for a traditional or harvest theme. This includes a variety of pumpkin decor and harvest colors mixed with traditional Halloween characters like bats.
  • Halloween Characters: You can also create a Halloween decor theme that’s based on one character. Fill your home with a character theme such as witches, ghosts, bats, zombies, skeletons, black cats, and much more. Check out these Halloween creatures for inspiration.

Indoor Halloween Decorating Ideas

Ultra Bright LED Puck Light with Remote
Lighted Scary Pumpkins or Tree

Transform your indoor space with any Halloween theme of your choice to get a full festive look. There are so many opportunities to include Halloween decor throughout your home, no matter what style or look you want. Whether you want a spooky and creative spread of decorations or a simple and charming Halloween look, check out some indoor Halloween decorating ideas below.

  • Add some pumpkin string lights or flickering LED candles to your mantel for a magical Halloween look.
  • Create a Halloween spread on your entryway table with a ceramic jack-o-lantern, a mini haunted house, and some stretchable spiderwebs.
  • Display a Halloween themed rug in your kitchen with matching hand towels.
  • Decorate your hallway walls with simple bat wall hangings.
  • Add a lighted Halloween character to each section of your living room bookshelf.
  • Set up a Halloween centerpiece on the dining table by using a cake stand to display a jack-o-lantern with some stretchable spiderwebs and decorative spiders.
  • Swap your bedding for a Halloween themed comforter or simply add a themed throw blanket to your bed.
  • Decorate a Halloween tree for a unique look – decorate it with orange string lights, sentiment signs and banners, along with pumpkins underneath the tree.

Outdoor Halloween Decorating Ideas

Nightmare Before Christmas Poseable Characters
Glow-in-the-Dark Hanging Bats or Ghosts

Your outdoor space is the perfect arena to create an incredible spread of Halloween decorations. The porch and yard are fun areas to add Halloween themed decor for trick-or-treaters to see. It’s also a fun way to celebrate the Halloween spirit and bring the theme to your neighborhood in style. No matter what theme you want to achieve, check out some outdoor Halloween decorating ideas below.

  • Wrap orange and purple string lights around your porch railing.
  • Display bats on your porch walls and front porch.
  • Set up some large inflatable Halloween characters in your yard.
  • Decorate with lighted Halloween character statues on each step to your porch.
  • Use Halloween sentiment yard stakes to line your front pathway.
  • Add a motion-activated statue to your front porch to scare trick-or-treaters.
  • Bring a Halloween twist to a hay bale display by setting up black pumpkins, a skeleton, and pumpkin string lights.
  • Display a leaning sentiment sign to your porch for a friendly and fun look.
  • Show off a lighted Halloween tree on each side of your door.
  • Create a spooky porch scene with stretchable spiderwebs, decorative spiders, and flickering string lights.

Now that you’ve check out this guide on Halloween decor for 2021, come visit our Halloween Decoration Headquarters for even more inspiration! Find indoor and outdoor Halloween decor, spooky and scary decorations, Halloween characters, animated and motion-activated decorations, and much more.

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