Stocking Stuffer Ideas For Adults

The beauty of Christmas stays with you as you get older. Adults can feel just as excited as kids on Christmas thanks to time with family, delicious meals, and special gifts. Keep that magical spark going with these stocking stuffer ideas for adults.

Sweets & Drink Mixes Adults Will Love To Get In Their Stocking

Kids aren’t the only ones who love sweet treats! No matter what the age, anyone will be thrilled to get chocolates and sweets in their stocking this Christmas. Adults will also love to get drink mixes inside of their stocking because it adds even more fun to their holiday celebration. These food and drink gifts are must-have items to add into an adult’s stocking.

Sets of 3 Novelty Mint Tins

Sets Of 3 Novelty Mint Tins

Why They’ll Love It

  • There are many comical and entertaining sets: Holiday Characters, Character Poop, Dog and Cat, and Naughty
  • There is a combination of delicious flavors: chocolate mint, peppermint, wintergreen, and cinnamon

Holiday Ornament Drink Mixes

Holiday Ornament Drink Mixes

Why They’ll Love It

  • These drink mix sets are shaped like ornaments and are perfect for all of their holiday cocktails
  • The sets include a variety of drink mix flavors including apple martini, cranberry cosmopolitan, lemon drop, margarita, mai tai, and mojito

Fudge Burlap Gift Sacks

Big Little Fudge Burlap Gift Sacks

Why They’ll Love It

  • These fudge burlap gift sacks are simple but cute and are perfect for those who love the rustic style
  • The gift sacks come in two different delicious flavors: chocolate or peanut butter

Small Jewelry That Fits Perfectly Inside Of A Stocking

Small pieces of jewelry are simple but thoughtful things that you can include in an adult’s Christmas stocking. They will love to wear a piece of jewelry that matches their personal style. To make it even more meaningful, personalize a bracelet or necklace with their name or initial. Personalized gifts make the gesture feel more special and it’s something they will cherish for a very long time.

Vintage-Look Monogram Bracelets

Vintage Look Monogram Bracelets

Why They’ll Love It

  • Each bracelet band style is unique to each monogram letter
  • The monogram cursive letter makes it look like an elegant silver bracelet that they can wear with any outfit

Birthstone Bead Charm Bracelets

Birthstone Bead Charm Bracelet

Why They’ll Love It

  • Each bracelet features a color scheme of their birthstone with matching charms
  • This metal and glass bracelet is fun for any age to wear and simple enough to wear on a daily basis

Men’s Licensed Pocket Watches

Men's Licensed Pocket Watches

Why They’ll Love It

  • These pocket watches are a cool accessory and a great mix of classic and fun
  • Give them a watch of their favorite character: Batman, Captain America, Darth Vader, or Superman

Soft & Warm Socks That Adults Will Be Happy To Get In Their Stocking

Soft socks and slippers are something that adults appreciate because they will get a lot of use out of them, especially during the winter months. Instead of placing simple socks inside of their stocking, mix it up by giving them warm thermal socks, fun patterned socks, and socks with quirky sayings on them. Give them a pair that matches their personality and style.

Wine, Coffee, or Beer Slipper Socks

Wine Coffee Or Beer Slipper Socks

Why They’ll Love It

  • The socks feature cute and quirky sentiments for a wine, coffee, or beer lover
  • These thick slipper socks are warm and cozy and can be worn around the house or with boots

Women’s 2-Pair Hot Feet Thermal Socks

Women's Hot Feet Thermal Socks

Why They’ll Love It

  • The brushed lining of these socks provide great heat retention and maximum comfort
  • The pair of thermal socks come in cute and trendy patterns that are perfect for anyone’s style

Men’s 4-Pair Outdoorsman Socks

Men's Outdoorsman Socks

Why They’ll Love It

  • These socks are warm and comfortable enough to wear during hunting, skiing, and other outdoor activities
  • They come in several different unique designs that they’ll love

Simple Health & Beauty Stocking Stuffers That Will Encourage Relaxation

Show them that you care with a small stress relief or beauty item. They will appreciate getting something that will help them relax and wind down after a long day. From essential oils to manicure kits to bath bombs and more, give them self care items that they will be happy to get in their stocking.

rareESSENCE® Essential Oil Inhalers

Essential Oil Inhalers

Why They’ll Love It

  • These essential oil inhalers are small enough to take on the go and use throughout the day
  • There are many to choose from depending on their needs: Sleep, Tummy Rescue, Breathe Ease, Head Aide, and Stress Relief

Monogram or Plain Pink Manicure Kits

Monogram Manicure Kits

Why They’ll Love It

  • These manicure kits will fit easily inside of a purse or travel bag, making it perfect to take on the go
  • The monogram initial adds a personalized touch and the pattern is trendy and fashionable

Hershey’s Bath Bombs & Lip Balms

Hershey's Kisses Bath Bombs And Lip Balm Sets

Why They’ll Love It

  • The Hershey’s Kisses bath bomb or lip balm sets are shaped like the candy and come in deliciously sweet scents including cherry cordial, classic chocolate, and coconut creme
  • The lip balms contain jojoba oil and shea butter to keep lips moisturized

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